Server Highlights


Bored of Survival? We've got a flat world of Creative. Don't like the flatty style? Try our normal Creative2 world. Now you have no excuse to be bored!

All The Worlds


Not into the mood for some survival or creative? Try out our variety of exciting MiniGames, and have fun with your friends or other people!

Such Games, Wow

The Best Plugins

Yes, we're bored of those servers having a bunch of useless and heavy plugins too. And that's why you will never, ever find any plugin that spoils your gameplay. We use only the best plugins out there.

Say Bye To Spoiled Gameplay

No-Lag / Offline Mode

Unlaggy and in offline mode too! Whether your account is not a premium one, you can still join, to experience a non-laggy Minecraft gameplay with friends or not.

Open For Everyone

Some Great Features

  • Towny
    Join or create a town, invite friends, create huge alliances and conquer the world.
  • mcMMO
    Earn levels for each activity you do in the server, and get better bonuses and power-ups as you level up.
  • WorldGuard
    Hate having your beautiful creation griefed? No problem, thanks to WorldGuard the griefers have no power here.
  • KillerMoney
    Love killing mobs? Great, because now you even get paid to.
  • ChestShops
    Always dreamed of having your own shop where people buy from? Now you can make your own shop and have people buy from you.
  • LWC
    LWC allows you to lock your doors and chests, and is safer than ever thanks to AuthMe - the account plugin we use.
Play the classic gamemode with your friends or strangers without any disturbing plugins or whatever
Bored of survival? Our server also has creative, a flat world where you can create literally everything.
Want to create something in creative but you don't like the flat world? Join Creative2, a normal world with creative gamemode given.
A variety of fun mini-games is waiting for you to play with your friends or others if you don't pretty want survival or creative.

The Server's Staff Team

  • Patikol

    "One of the best admins I've ever met"
  • FivosG

    Senior Administrator
    An admin always ready to help and bla bla bla...
  • LoveYourName

    Senior Moderator
    He can build nice stuff.
  • Karim

    Couldn't live without us.
Head over to our server to experience all the fun we're talking about!